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Visual Computing

Our research work is broadly in the areas of video signal processing, data analysis, and machine learning. More specifically, it deals with computational study of human perception mechanisms and their role in multimedia domains. Current focus is on studying and modeling relevant human factors in multimedia communication systems.

The main aspect of our research work deals with theoretical study and mathematical modeling of human factors that are play a key role in how humans perceive multimedia content. The problem is both fundamental and challenging since it is non-trivial to develop mathematically tractable solutions which can model and quantify with reasonable accuracy, the perceptual aspects of the signal. The research domain is highly inter-disciplinary and involves both fundamental (single and multi-modal psychophysical studies such as eye-tracking, listening and viewing tests, electro physiology etc.) and theoretical (advanced signal processing, pattern recognition, machine learning, data mining) studies. Apart from being theoretically meaningful, such computational modeling is practical and is increasingly finding applications in next generation multimedia technologies towards professional and consumer level deployment.